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Pet Care

Dental Hygiene & Dental Radiology:

A lot of attention has been focused on veterinary dentistry in the past few years. Research clearly shows that proper dental care is probably the most important thing that you can do to add years of good health and quality to your pet’s life.

Dental infections can cause endocarditis (heart valve infection) and kidney infections. The bacteria in the mouth can be a potential source of human infections and the cause of bad breath. Most importantly dental infections hurt your pet and make them feel uncomfortable.

We have a comprehensive dental care package that can tackle even the worst of teeth taking care of scaling, polishing, fluoride treatment, and antibiotics at a reasonable cost. We also offer dental radiographs to help uncover hidden problems with your pets teeth so that they can be solved early before they get worse. Please inquire with one of our staff members if you would like to schedule an appointment.


Dog and Cat Diagnostic Laboratory Equipment

Vaccinating your pet

is an extremely important step to protect your pet from potentially deadly diseases. The State requires that all canines be vaccinated against rabies due to a public health concern with the fact that rabies can be transmitted to humans.

We also provide core and elective vaccines to fit every family's lifestyle and activities.

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Spay and Neutering:
Pet over-population is a major concern not only in California but all over the United States, but that is not the only reason to spay or neuter your pet.

Having your pet fixed, especially at an early age, can significantly reduce the incidence of some diseases and in some cases completely eliminate other diseases that your pet can get later on in life. Mammary gland tumors, testicular cancers, and prostate problems are all related to your pets reproductive cycle and by removing these reproductive organs you reduces hormones in the body and that helps your pet later on in life. Also, contrary to what some fear, your male pets won’t miss a thing.

Spaying and neutering

can be complicated but with the use of new safer anesthetics, pre-anesthetic blood screening, and medications your pet is likely to recover with ease and since spaying and neutering is considered an “elective” procedure the cost of these surgeries are extremely reasonable compared to similar “non-elective” surgeries. We offer low cost spay and neutering. Visit our coupons page.

Puppy and Kitten Vaccine Packages:
Few realize that when you get a new puppy or kitten that the first 6 months are filled with so many visits to the animal hospital. The cost for spaying and neutering, vaccination series,
and doctor visits can be expensive. This is why we are offering comprehensive puppy and kitten packages that help alleviate the cost.

Our packages include all the puppy and kitten vaccine series which entails 3—4 visits to the clinic in order to complete the series of vaccines, exam, deworming, discounts on spay and neutering, and discounts on flea and heart worm medication. Please contact one of our staff members for more information about all the services that our packages include.

Senior Health Care Packages:
For most pets the age of 7 is a marker point for becoming a senior. Old age is nothing to be afraid of but there are some additional responsibilities for the pet owner as far as care for their furry loved ones.

Senior pets need periodic blood screenings, EKG’s and x-rays so that problems can be caught early. When certain diseases are caught early then the good, pain free years for your pet will last even longer.

We offer a Senior Package to help alleviate the cost of recommended periodic screenings for senior pets. Please contact a staff member for more details on our Senior Package.

A lost pet can be devastating to a family. Our pets are becoming more and more a part of our families as time goes by and no one wants to lose a loved one.

At Adobe Animal Hospital we offer pet microchipping using Home Again©, a company with an excellent reputation which offers a list of comprehensive services to help reunite you with your loved one.

Microchipping your pet involves an injection of the microchip under the skin between the front shoulder blades. The microchip is coated with a cover that prevents the chip from moving around once inside the body. The procedure involves little pain and can be done at any time.

The microchip has an identification number associated with it which is linked to the owner’s personal information. This allows shelters and animal hospitals the ability to contact you if your pet is found. For more information please visit the Home Again website at www.homeagain.com.

Digital Radiographs:
Radiographic technology has come a long way and x-rays from the past are not the same as x-rays today. At Adobe Animal Hospital we have an HF Series 9 MP Digital radiograph system that offers us unparalleled detail when taking x-rays as compared to regular film based systems.

This means that we are able to see and diagnose more clearly and efficiently the problems with your pet. Also, unlike regular x-rays, we are able to give you copies of your pets x-rays on a CD so that you can take them home and keep them for your records. All of this with no greater cost to our clients than standard x-rays from the past.

Surgical Services:
Along with the surgical experience of our well trained and experienced doctors we also offer industry leading surgical monitoring equipment, Radio Surgical scalpel, and Isoflurane anesthetic gas.

Our VetSpecs VSM-7© surgical monitoring equipment will monitor our patients heart, respiration, oxygen saturation, carbon dioxide output, and regulate their internal body temperature. Radio Surgery offers many benefits for our patients including, reduced pain, less bleeding, less swelling and faster recovery.

Isoflurane is one of the safest and effective anesthetics available in veterinary medicine. Isoflurane wears off quickly allowing for a speeding recovery after surgery, and ensures that patients are able to go home as soon as possible.

Our highest concern is to ensure your pets safety during surgery, and to make sure their recovery is as comfortable as possible.

For orthopedic surgeries we use outside services at our facility, or refer patients out to specialists.

Technician Taking Digital Radiographic Images of Dog
Please visit our partner website for further pet care information.
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